Music Program

It only takes a moment to change a life forever

The Hendrik Kanise Combined School is located in Alicedale. This school has impressed our
partner so much with their focus to shine without much government support, that we would
like to add more value for the kids that go there (years 6 – 18). We would like to start after
school activities or activities for kids to do during holidays. On the volunteer program of our
partner, there are always volunteers with different talents and they have realized that it would
be possbile that these talents whenever specific people volunteer for us. We would like to start
with music classes, building a choir and to work towards a talent show at the end of the year.

Developing musical skills is very common in Switzerland. However, that’s not possible in
other countries. Therefore, we would like to add the music classes after school and giving the
kids of this school a very unique new opportunity.

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