Child enrichment workshop

It only takes a moment to change a life forever


Education should be the first milestone in the life of a child. A student is only as good as their teacher. Unfortunately, teachers in charge of running various daycare centers in our program are mostly untrained mothers, who did not finish school themselves, and are doing what they know best to prepare the children for school. This is often a problem for the pre-school students, who are in most cases not up to the required level to start school.


Our aim is to raise funds to enable these teachers to better understand how to educate and prepare young children for school. The workshop aims to give teachers the confidence, using the right tools, to implement skills learned to make classroom activities fun and identify children who may require a little bit of extra help. Once target funds have been reached, our local partner will arrange for the transport of the teachers to Shamwari, where the workshops will be held, and for supplemental teachers to be made available for the duration of the workshops.