Inspower Community is a Swiss charitable association founded in 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland, until mid-2019 known under the name WeShamwari.

Today we represent a community of hundreds of supporters and beneficiaries and 60 active members, all sharing a common ideal and passion for opportunity creation and betterment. We have promoted and financed multiple projects in the communities of Alicedale and Peterson in South Africa and intend to gradually expand our reach over time.

Our vision is to inspire people and empower them to become drivers of progress in their communities.

Join our community and start inspowering the world today !


Our ambition

We aim to give an opportunity to as many people as possible through access to high-quality education, healthy food, safe playgrounds, aimed micro-credits, sport activities, and ecological literacy.


We want to provide high transparency and active communication to our supporters for each selected and sponsored project. We hope that our supporters will be motivated to contribute to our cause and give a small, but meaningful contribution to the South African communities. Every single step will bring them closer to reaching a self-sustainable life.

100% commitment

All projects are realized and implemented by non-governmental authorities and volunteers in close collaboration with the local communities. 100% of the funding will go to the projects – we don’t take any money for marketing, financial or any other administrative activity.


Get involved


WE DON’T KEEP A CENT! We want to ensure that your donation has the largest possible impact. To that end, please be aware that in case you choose the credit card payment option, credit card fees apply and will diminish your donation amount.

Become a member

Should you be interested in being a member in order to be part of our association, please fill in the Membership Application. Thank you! For more info, please see our FAQ.

Events, sponsors and volunteers

We are always open to consider new opportunities like organizing awareness events, improving our website, etc. If you would like to help our association directly, please contact us by mail at



A big thank you to our partners
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Who we are

Andy Radice

Co-Founder & President

CEO at Be a Local Experiences

Quinton Gillson

Project coordinator Shamwari

Product Development Manager at Shamwari

Enea Giulieri

Co-Founder & Treasurer

Risk Manager

Luzuko Kolo

Community advocate

University Student

Elena Garcia Hidalgo

Co-Founder & Secretary

Project manager

Elide Garbani-Nerini

Social Media

PhD Student

Andrea Mancini

Co-Founder & Vice President

PhD Student

Ntombizanele Joni

Community advocate

SPA Therapist

Cindy Sadler

Project coordinator Shamwari

Head-Coordinator at Shamwari

Joné Haesslich

Project coordinator Kariega

Conservation Coordinator at Kariega

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