Dear WeShamwari community

It’s been almost three years since we started our journey to support people in South Africa. WeShamwari was born from an inspirational idea of few friends, today it has grown and become a community of over 800 people, sharing a common ideal and passion for opportunity creation and betterment.

Over the last three years we have developed and financed 20 projects focusing our engagement in the communities of Alicedale and Peterson in South Africa. Our support has left a lasting mark and we are just getting started.

Today we celebrate the beginning of the next chapter in this beautiful journey:

WeShamwari becomes Inspower Community !

The new name represents our ambition to inspire people and empower them to become drivers of progress in their communities.

Inspower Community will continue the journey started by WeShamwari expanding it and maintaining its focus in supporting South Africa.

Thank you so much to all our supporters and partners for the enduring engagement, without you we would not be here today!

We are looking forward to continuing this journey together!

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